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Dataset details
Dataset name

DAISIES invasive species presence in European regions

Datasources (1to1)
  • DAISIE Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventories for Europe
  • Parameters
  • Species taxonomy, status and/or meta-information
  • Dataset assessment
    PurposeAssessment of Risks posed by invasive species
    Assessment reports
  • SBC Arctic WP12 Alien Species
  • Spatial coverageArctic Partial (Source default)
    Temporal coverageNot applicable (Source default)
    AccessibilityDirect Download (no account) (Source default)
    CostFree of charge (Source default)
    ResponsivenessSame day (Source default)
    Processing levelRaw data
    Temporal resolutionNot applicable (i.e. single measurement(s)/no time series)
    Temporal windowNot applicable
    Vertical resolution0