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Ship traffic lines fishing vesselsPreview
Fisheries effort EUROSTAT for NEAPreview
Regional fishing effort and capacity EEAPreview
Seabed habitats emodnet NEAPreview
Fishing fleet EUPreview
Catch and effort ICCATPreview
Vulnerable biotopes MareanoPreview
MarineTraffic ship positions, velocity and headingPreview
Habitats and biotopes MESMAPreview
AMAP BoundaryPreview
World Database of Protected Areas WDPAPreview
MPA inventory 2014Preview
Statistics commercial fisheries CanadaPreview
MPAtlas - RussiaPreview
Marine Protected Areas - proposed (foreslatt_vern_utm33)Preview
Map protected areas GreenlandPreview
Fisheries effort STECF for NEAPreview
Essential Fish Habitats ArcticPreview
NAFO Fisheries effortPreview