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Species details
Internal ID9
Common nameNo common name, Brown alga
Scientific NameMicrospongium globosum
Scientific NameMicrospongium globosum
Scientific Name acceptedMicrospongium globosum
Aphia ID144973
Aphia ID accepted144973
High GroupAlgae
Tax info classPhaeaphyceae
Tax info phylumOchrophyta
Tax info phylum sourcewww.marinespecies.org
Tax info familyChordariaceae
Tax info orderEctocarpales
Arctic regionAlaska (Prince William Sound)
Geographical range area sourceRuiz et al 2006 > lindstrom 1977; Lee 1980; http://www.gbif.org/occurrence/search?HAS_GEOSPATIAL_ISSUE=false&GEOMETRY=-106.76%2060.11%2C-106.76%2081.03%2C3.45%2081.03%2C3.45%2060.11%2C-106.76%2060.11&TAXON_KEY=3198332; Rueness, J. (1997). Algae. In: Distribution of marine, benthic macro-organisms in Norway. A tabulated catalogue. preliminary Edition. Research Report No. 1997-1. (Brattegard, T. & Holthe, T. Eds) Trondheim: Direktoratet for Naturforvaltninhg
Temperature rangeIt has been shown that brown algae can typically grow at temperatures of 3.8 - 5 C (39-41 F) in coastal Finland
Match typeexact
Invasion details
VectorHull fouling
Vector introductionHull fouling; oyster floats; aquaculture equipment
Vector introduction sourceRuiz et al 2006
Reference 1Ruiz et al. 2006
Status (observations from GBIF database)
preserved specimen