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Species details
Internal ID8
Common nameToothed wrack
Scientific NameFucus serratus
Scientific NameFucus serratus
Scientific Name acceptedFucus serratus
Aphia ID145546
Aphia ID accepted145546
High GroupAlgae
Tax info classPhaeophyceae
Tax info phylumOchrophyta
Tax info phylum sourcewww.marinespecies.org
Tax info familyFucaceae
Tax info orderFucales
Arctic regionIceland, Faroe Islands, and Norway
Geographical range areaIceland; Iceland (1897) SW; Norway (1993)
Geographical range area sourcenorton 2014; http://www.gbif.org/occurrence/search?has_geospatial_issue=false&geometry=-36.43 61.50,-36.43 68.82,-8.88 68.82,-8.88 61.50,-36.43 61.50&taxon_key=3196437&year=1897; http://www.gbif.org/occurrence/search?HAS_GEOSPATIAL_ISSUE=false&GEOMETRY=-6.99%2069.12%2C-6.99%2078.59%2C48.12%2078.59%2C48.12%2069.12%2C-6.99%2069.12&TAXON_KEY=3196437
Year first recorded1900
Region First recordedSouthwest Iceland
Is Marine?Yes
Match typeexact
Invasion details
Location first observationSW Iceland
Location first observation sourcenorton 2014
Year first observation1900
Year first observation sourcenorton 2014
Impact indicatorsEcological (When established, F. serratus becomes dominant by forming a canopy cover in the lower part of the shore, reducing or eliminating the cover of other canopy forming algae)
Impact indicators sourcenorton 2014
Reference 1Coyer et al. 2006
Reference 2J?nsson 1903
Reference 3Thorarinsdottir et al. 2014