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Species details
Internal ID4
Common name(Red alga)
Scientific NameCaulacanthus ustulatus
Scientific NameCaulacanthus ustulatus
Scientific Name acceptedCaulacanthus ustulatus
Aphia ID145606
Aphia ID accepted145606
High GroupAlgae
Tax info classFlorideophyceae
Tax info phylumRhodophyta
Tax info phylum sourcewww.marinespecies.org
Tax info familyCaulacanthaceae
Tax info orderGigartinales
Arctic regionAlaska (Hogg Bay, Prince William Sound)
Geographical range areaAlaska (Prince William Sound) - 1989
Geographical range area sourceRuiz et al 2006
Is Marine?Yes
Temperature rangeVery little growth took place at 6 degrees C. Growth was best at ca. 17 degrees C, and slightly reduced at 13 degrees C and 26 degrees C
Temperature range sourceRueness, J. (1997). A culture study of Caulacanthus ustulatus (Caulacanthaceae, Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) from Europe and Asia. Cryptogam., Algol. 18(2): 175-185
Match typeexact
Invasion details
VectorHF (whole plant) or BW (fragments)
Vector introductionship fouling; oyster culture transports; ballast water
Vector introduction sourceRuiz et al 2006
Reference 1Ruiz et al. 2006