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Species details
Internal ID25
Common name(Gammarid amphipod)
Scientific NameAmpelisca abdita
Scientific NameAmpelisca abdita
Scientific Name acceptedAmpelisca abdita
Aphia ID158020
Aphia ID accepted158020
High GroupCrustacean
Tax info classMalacostraca
Tax info phylumArthropoda
Tax info phylum sourcehttp://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=111538
Tax info familyAmpeliscidae
Tax info orderAmphipoda
Arctic regionAlaska (Port Valdez)
Geographical range areaAlaska (Port Valdez )
Geographical range area sourceHines & Ruiz 2000
Is Marine?Yes
Temperature range9.6 - 26.8 C; '0 - 25 C
Temperature range sourcehttp://eol.org/pages/342242/details; http://www.water.ca.gov/bdma/BioGuide/BenthicBioGuide.cfm#AA
Match typeexact
Invasion details
Year first observation2000
Year first observation sourceHines & Ruiz 2000
Vector introductionoyster aquaculture import (vector to San Fransisco Bay)
Vector introduction sourcehttp://www.water.ca.gov/bdma/BioGuide/BenthicBioGuide.cfm#AA
Impact indicatorsEcological (large populations can construct dense mats, of tubes, potentially altering sediment characteristics; fish food; affecting phytoplankton biomass by grazing)
Impact indicators sourcehttp://invasions.si.edu/nemesis/calnemo/SpeciesSummary.jsp?TSN=93329
Reference 1Hines and Ruiz 2000