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Species details
Internal ID22
Common nameGolden star tunicate
Scientific NameBotryllus schlosseri
High GroupChordata
Tax info classAscidiacea
Tax info phylumChordata?
Tax info phylum sourcehttp://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=103862
Tax info familyStyelidae?
Tax info orderStolidobranchia
Arctic regionAlaska (Sitka Sound and Puget Sound)
Geographical range areaAlaska (Sitka Sound and Puget Sound)
Geographical range area sourceRuiz et al. 2006
Temperature range7.6-24.7 C
Temperature range sourcehttp://eol.org/pages/393430/details
Invasion details
Vector introductionship fouling; oyster culture transports; ballast water
Vector introduction sourcehttp://www.sms.si.edu/irlspec/botryllus_schlosseri.htm; Cohen 2005
Impact indicatorsmultiple species impact; effect on fisheries; effect on aquaculture
Impact indicators sourcehttp://www.sms.si.edu/irlspec/botryllus_schlosseri.htm
Reference 1Ruiz et al. 2006