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Species details
Internal ID2
Common nameNo common name, Red alga
Scientific NameCeramium sinicola
Scientific NameCeramium sinicola
Scientific Name acceptedCeramium sinicola
Aphia ID372786
Aphia ID accepted372786
High GroupAlgae
Tax info classFlorideophyceae
Tax info phylumRhodophyta
Tax info phylum sourcewww.marinespecies.org
Tax info familyCeramiaceae
Tax info orderCeramiales
Arctic regionAlaska (Prince William Sound)
Geographical range area sourceHanssen 1998 in chapter 8 NIS; Ruiz et al 2006
Match typeexact
Invasion details
Year first observation1998
Year first observation sourceHanssen 1998
VectorHull fouling (on Codium fragile)
Vector introductionCeramium sinicola was probably transported into Alaskan waters on Codium fragile, growing as hull fouling (Hansen, in Hines and Ruiz 2000)
Vector introduction sourceRuiz et al 2006
Impact indicatorsEcological (general: competing with native algae)
Impact indicators sourcefactsheet www.pwsrcac.org
Reference 1Ruiz et al. 2006