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Species details
Internal ID18
Common nameNorthern pike
Scientific NameEsox lucius
Scientific NameEsox lucius
Scientific Name acceptedEsox lucius
Aphia ID154210
Aphia ID accepted154210
High GroupChordata
Tax info classActinopterygii
Tax info phylumChordata
Tax info phylum sourcehttp://www.fishbase.org/summary/258
Tax info familyEsocidae
Tax info orderEsociformes
Arctic regionAlaska (Anchorage; FW)
Is Brackish?Yes
Is Fresh?Yes
Temperature range1 - 29 ?C (optimum young of the year 22-23?C; adult 19?C)
Temperature range sourceCasselman, 1996; Casselman & Lewis, 1996
Match typeexact
Invasion details
Location first observationSusitna river
Location first observation sourceMorrow, 1980
Year first observation1950's (introduction in south-central Alaska)
Year first observation sourceRutz, 1996
Vector introductionfisheries
Impact indicatorssingle species impact; multiple species impact; affects entire ecosystem functioning; effect on fisheries
Impact indicators sourceBrystrom et al, 2007; Spens and Ball, 2008; Sepulveda et al, 2013
Reference 1Hines and Ruiz 2000