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Species details
Internal ID17
Common nameAlaska blackfish
Scientific NameDolloa pectoralis
Scientific NameDallia pectoralis
Scientific Name acceptedAlbatrossia pectoralis
Aphia ID317799
Aphia ID accepted236135
High GroupChordata
Tax info classActinopterygii
Tax info phylumChordata
Tax info phylum sourcehttp://www.fishbase.org/summary/Dallia-pectoralis.html
Tax info familyUmbridae
Tax info orderEsociformes
Arctic regionAlaska (Anchorage; FW)
Is Marine?Yes
Temperature range0 - 20 ?C
Temperature range sourceBlackett, 1962; Ostdiek & Nardone, 1959
Match typephonetic
Invasion details
Location first observationAround Cook Inlet Basin (southern Alaska)
Location first observation sourceChlupach et al, 1975
Year first observation1950's (first observation of introduction)
Year first observation sourceChlupach et al, 1975; Morrow, 1980
Vector introductionfisheries
Impact indicatorssingle species impact; multiple species impact; effect on fisheries; effect on tourism
Impact indicators sourceChlupach, 1975; Eidam et at, 2016
Reference 1Hines and Ruiz 2000