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Species details
Internal ID10
Common nameJapanese wireweed
Scientific NameSargassum muticum
Scientific NameSargassum muticum
Scientific Name acceptedSargassum muticum
Aphia ID494791
Aphia ID accepted494791
High GroupAlgae
Tax info classPhaeophyceae
Tax info phylumOchrophyta
Tax info phylum sourcewww.marinespecies.org
Tax info familySargassaceae
Tax info orderFucales
Arctic regionAlaska (Puget Sound), SE Alaska
Geographical range area sourceRuiz et al 2006; DAISIE
Temperature rangeLow temperature and ice-scour may be an inhibiting factor. Observations in Swedish waters, however, indicate that S. muticum has survived long periods with water temperatures of -1.4 C .
Temperature range sourceKarlsson 1988
Match typeexact
Invasion details
Location first observationDavidson Inlet
Location first observation sourceruiz et al 2006
Year first observation1977
Year first observation sourceRuiz et al 2006
VectorHull fouling (secondary spread)
Vector introductionTransplants of Pacific oyster
Vector introduction sourceruiz et al 2006 + NOBANIS factsheet
Impact indicatorsEconomical; ecological
Impact indicators sourcehttp://www.europe-aliens.org/speciesFactsheet.do?speciesId=50263#
Reference 1Hines and Ruiz 2000
Reference 2Ruiz et al. 2006