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Species details
Internal ID1
Common nameBonnemaison's hook weed
Scientific NameBonnemaisonia hamifera
Scientific NameBonnemaisonia hamifera
Scientific Name acceptedBonnemaisonia hamifera
Aphia ID144442
Aphia ID accepted144442
High GroupAlgae
Tax info classFlorideophyceae
Tax info phylumRhodophyta
Tax info phylum sourcehttp://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=144442
Tax info familyBonnemaisoniaceae
Tax info orderBonnemaisoniales
Geographical range area sourcehttp://www.europe-aliens.org/pdf/Bonnemaisonia_hamifera.pdf; http://www.gbif.org/occurrence/search?HAS_GEOSPATIAL_ISSUE=false&GEOMETRY=-14.62%2065.24%2C-14.62%2076.43%2C40.49%2076.43%2C40.49%2065.24%2C-14.62%2065.24&TAXON_KEY=2668884#; Norton 2014
Year first recorded1978
Region First recordedNorthwest Iceland
Temperature rangeTetrasporophytes and gametophytes from Ireland survived and grew from -1 to 29 C. The maximum growth of tetrasporophytes was between 15 and 25 C. Gametophytes showed optimum growth at 15 C.
Temperature range sourcehttp://www.europe-aliens.org/pdf/Bonnemaisonia_hamifera.pdf
Match typeexact
Invasion details
Location first observationNW Iceland
Location first observation sourceNorton 2014
Year first observation1978
Year first observation sourceNorton 2014
Vector introductionIt is assumed that the alga was introduced unintentionally with shellfish or in the hull fouling of vessels. Secondary spread occurs by drift with water currents or attachment to floating objects (hooks enable entanglement).
Vector introduction sourcehttp://www.europe-aliens.org/pdf/Bonnemaisonia_hamifera.pdf
Impact indicatorsEcological (It may become the dominant alga in certain regions competing with other algae and seagrasses)
Impact indicators sourcehttp://www.europe-aliens.org/pdf/Bonnemaisonia_hamifera.pdf
Reference 1Gunnarsson and Egilsdóttir 2010
Status (observations from GBIF database)